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Window Repair & Glass Replacement Near Me

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

We at Clarity Glass Specialize in any and all types of windows & doors. Accidents happen. And when they do, call us for a free quick and easy quote. Clarity Glass offers 24 hour emergency window glass repair services. The longer you go without repairing windows, the more open you leave yourself to theft and damage from the elements. When you need a broken window fixed in your home, we’re the team for the job. As soon as you’ve noticed a broken window, call us right away, and we will do our best to fix the issue promptly and professionally.

Glass Repair or Replacement For Any Window or Door

Our technicians can repair or replace the glass on any window or door. We provide Energy Efficient Insulated Glass for Residential Windows & Doors in Highpoint, NC & Surrounding areas (also called Double Pane or Thermal Glass for Windows). Window Repair Near Me

Window Repair Near Me

Clarity Glass works with manufactures to supply dual pane insulated glass, we can custom order any size or thickness of glass for window and door glass to use in new or replacement windows or doors for your home. Double pane glass can be purchased with or without the white grid between the panes. Please note that we install, repair or replace only the insulated glass for your residential windows and doors, not the complete window and frame.

Foggy Window or Door Glass Replacement

If you notice your windows are fogging up or have condensation in-between the panes then that is an early sign that the glass on your windows are compromised or have a broken seal. We at Clarity Glass can replace fogged glass with new energy efficient sealed double pane insulated glass. Our Glass is ordered to match just like your existing glass and do come with a warranty and a guarantee that our glass will not fog up for at least 8 years.

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